We introduce ourselves as a Project Management & Consulting Engineers team with domain expertise and excellent track record in providing cost-effective solutions for
Heavy Industries including new upcoming and existing Cold Rolling Mill Complex. We
are a single window solutions provider regarding Engineering Consultancy for all your
SYSTEMS & YARD PIPING, CIVIL, STRUCTURE, & ELECTRICALS (including Substation, Automation, PLC etc).

We are specialized in outsourcing Engineering Services to End Customers for Rolling
Mills & Process Lines Viz: Cold Rolling & Skin Pass Mills, Pickling Line, CGL, Color
Coating Line, Slitting Lines etc including Layout Drawings and details.

We can also support your esteem organization in existing line Retrofitting/
Refurbishment Up gradation of Old Rolling Mills & Process Lines along with Engineering
Drawings, Procurement Assistance, Installation & Commissioning of the same.

We can outsource your complete Engineering, Tender Documents, Procurement,
Inspection, Installation, & Commissioning assistance for –

01. Rolling Mills 4-Hi, 6-Hi & 20-Hi with Hydraulic AGC Controls
02. Skin Pass Mills 2-Hi & 4-Hi with Hydraulic AGC & Maewest Blocks for Bending
03. Pickling Line Deep Tank, Push Pull & Semi – Continuous type.
04. Galvanizing Line Wet Flux & Non – Ox type
05. Color Coating Line Single/Double Coat, Caternary/Floating type Ovens

We can be a SINGLE WINDOW for selection of Equipments, Layout Plans,
Enquiry Specifications, Comparison of Offers, Procurement assistance,
Detail Engineering, Installation & Commissioning Supervision.

We have Reference Stock of Numerous Technical Handbooks along with reference
drawings and details of major Cold rolling Mill and Process Line builders worldwide.

We were actively involved in past for 3 nos. of 6-Hi, 2 nos. of 20-Hi & 2 nos. of 4-hi
Mill, 3 nos. of Pickling Lines & 5 nos. of Galvanizing Lines Engineering, Supervision of
Erection & Commissioning in India & China along with 1 no. of engineering of Color Coating