Push-Pull Pickling Lines

Push-Pull Pickling Line are used for individual processing, thus removing the need for joining strip. These push pull pickling line provides excellent operational flexibility
with the ease for frequently changing strip dimensions and steel grades. As there
is no accumulator in the line, this technology is the most cost-effective method for
medium volume of production. Push-Pull Pickling Line can process strips between
1.0mm to 6.0mm thick and 200mm to 2000mm wide.

Semi-Continuous & Continuous Pickling Line

Semi-Continuous & Continuous Pickling Line is used for high volume production with continuous operation by welding/stitching. The accumulators provided at the entry
and exit that ensures a consistent flow in process during the joining and removal of
coils at the recoiler end. In the continuous pickling line the process runs at constant
speed, whilein the noncontinuous line the speed of the process is reduced during
the changeover or coil jointing due to small capacity accumulators. The installation
Semi-Continuous & Continuous Pickling Line are highly cost-effective because of its
simple accumulator design.