6-HI Rev. Mill, Galvanizing Cum Galvlume Line and Acid Regeneration Plant Turnkey Consultancy and Engineering
Project Status :
Plant Commissioned and Commercial Production 2017


Turnkey Project Consultancy(Plant Layout, Offer Evaluations, Inquiry Specifications, Civil Foundation,
Building Structure assistance, Electrical Substation, Utilities & Yard Piping) for 1250mm Wide Cold Rolling
and Annealing Complex comprising of 6-Hi Rev. Mill, Pickling Line, ARP, Skin Pass Mill, Bell Annealing Furnaces,
Tension Levelling Lines, ECL etc etc. Another Order for Galvlume Line Engineering Consultancy is in process.
Project Status :
100% Engineering completed & Submitted


Project Consultancy (Plant Layout, Technical Negotiations/Contract Finalization with Suppliers, Electrical
Substation & Utilities Engineering) for Aluminium-Zinc (Galvlume Line and Color Coating Line
Project Status : 20% Engineering Completed

M/s. Kam Industries (Nig.) Limited, Nigeria

Turnkey(Civil Foundation, Utility, Electrical) Detail Engineering for 1020mm Wide 6-Hi Cold
Rolling Mill Complex including 1000 MPM Mill, 120 MPM CGL(2 Nos), 60 MPM Pickling Line,
Slitting Lines, Auxiliary Facilities and Utilities Engineering for Water Complex, Boiler House,
Compressed Air, Electrical Substation, Transformers design/Procurement, Cable Engineering

Project Status : Plant Commissioned and Commercial Production since 2014

M/s. Devki Steel Limited, Kenya

Detail Engineering(Civil/Mechanical/Electrical Substation/Utilities) & Site Supervision for Old
Used 1400 MPM, 1100mm Wide for 0.16mm Thickness 4-Hi Cold Rolling Mill from Japan and
175 MPM Galvlume Line with Ceramic Pot of AJAX Tocco, Non Ox Furnace of LOI Italiampi,
Mechanical Equipment of SMS & Bronx.

Project Status : Plant Commissioned and Commercial Production since 2012


Equipment Overhauling/testing/ Erection & Commissioning Support along with Civil
Foundation, Technology Structure Engineering, New Process Section Engineering, Utilities
as well as Mechanical Equipment modernisation of old Used 1100mm Wide COLR COATING
LINE from Japan

Project Status : Plant Commissioned and Commercial Production since 2013.

M/s. Asian Tubes Limited, Ahmedabad INDIA

Turnkey (Civil, Utility, Mechanical & Electrical) Detail Engineering for :

a) 4-Hi rev. 550mm Wide Cold Rolling Mill with Hyd. AGC Controls
Project Status : 100% Engineering Completed. Project Commission in Year 2016

b) New 1250 mm Wide 4 – Hi Skin Pass Mill with Maewest Blocks & Hydraulic AGC
Project Status : 100% Engineering Completed. Project Commission in Year 2014

c) 1250mm Wide Old Non Ox Furnace Type Galvanizing Line cum Galvalume
Project Status : 100% Engineering Completed and Cold Trial under Progress

M/s. Manaksia Limited, Kolkatta, INDIA

Turnkey Engineering (Civil/Mechanical/Electrical/Utilities for CRM Complex)
1250mm Wide Cont. GALVANIZING LINE

Project Status : 40% Engineering Completed. Civil Foundation in Progress & Equipment Procurement in Progress

M/s. Steelco Gujarat Limited, Vadodara, INDIA

Turnkey (Civil, Utility & Mechanical) Detail Engineering for Old Equipment from USA:

a) 4-Hi rev. 550mm Wide Cold Rolling Mill (United Make)
Project Status : Project Commissioned

b) 2-Hi Non Rev. 550mm Wide Skin Pass Mill
Project Status : Project Commissioned

M/s. HERO Cycles Limited, Ludhiana, INDIA

Technical Survey report & Modification proposal for enhancing Quality & Production capability
of Push Pull Pickling Line, 4-Hi Rev. Mill, 6-Hi Rev. Mill & HR Slitting Line

Project Status : Most of the recommendations were implemented

M/s. Swastik Pipes Limited, Bahadurgarh, INDIA

Detail Engineering and Procurement assistance for 1650mm Wide, 90 MPM Push Pull
Pickling Line along with Civil Foundations & Procurement Assistance

Project Status : 100% Civil Foundation Drgs submitted. Project Commissioned

M/s. JaiBhole Tubes Limited, Ludhiana, INDIA

1600mm Wide Push Pull Pickling Line, Turnkey Engineering

Project Status : 100% Civil foundation drawings submitted.

M/s. Allied Strips Limited, Bahadurgarh, INDIA

Complete Civil assignment Drawings checking & Site Supervision for 1050mm Wide Cold
Rolling Mill Complex (4-Hi CRM,4-Hi SPM, Pickling Line, Tension Leveling Line, ECL)
Utility Engineering with design and Procurement Assistance along with yard Piping Engg.

Project Status : Commissioned

M/s. Valley Iron & Steel Co., Paonta Saheb (Himachal Pradesh), INDIA

Turnkey Engineering (Civil/Mechanical/Utilities)for old 4-Hi Stainless steel Cold Rolling Mill

Project Status : Commissioned

M/s. Metcraft Engineering Corporation (Thakkar Group), Mumbai, INDIA

Turnkey Engineering (Civil/Mechanical/ Utilities)for old 4-Hi Cold Rolling Mill (900mm Wide)

Project Status : Commissioned

M/s. Saicon Steels Limited, Sylvassa

Turnkey Engineering (Civil/Mechanical/ Utilities) for Mill, Slitting, Cut to Length Lines

Project Status : Commissioned

M/s. Uttam Strips Pvt. Ltd. (Bhiwadi-Rajasthan) , INDIA

Utility Load data, Inquiry specifications & Yard Piping Engineering services for CRM Complex

Project Status : Commissioned

M/s. Bhandari Foils & Tubes Limited (Dewas), INDIA

Engineering and installation for 3 Nos. old 350mm Wide Stainless Steel Cold Rolling
mills hydraulic System and Piping

Project Status : Commissioned


Study & Project report for Energy conservation with audit for COMPRESSED AIR Systems
including Compressors, receivers, instruments & Piping

Project Status : Substantial Energy savings in terms of Compressed Air

M/s. Tinplate Company Of India Ltd. (Subsidiary Of TATA STEEL), INDIA

Engineering & Site supervision of complete Auxiliary for 2 Stand DCR Mill from BlueScope
Steel, Australia. Sub Contract from Ms. Sherman

Project Status : Commissioned

M/s. Goodluck Steel Limited, Ghaziabad, INDIA

Techno Feasibility Report for 1250mm Wide 1, 50, 000 TPA Cold Rolling Mill Complex,
comprising of Pickling,6-Hi Mill, CGL,CCL, Annealing Furnaces etc.