WES has the ability to manage and execute Small (50,000 Tons/Annum) to Medium
(3,00,000 Tons/Annum) size of Projects through, effective Project Management and
Project Engineering Personnel.

We assist Client for Project Supervision in all discipline Viz :
Preparation of Product Mix (as per Market Requirements), Technical Feasibility Report,
Specifications of all Machineries , Offer Evaluations and Comments ,Coordination with
Supplier / Contractor, Preparation of Project Schedule, Monitoring & Control for listing
Critical path, Precedence, Successors, Reporting Consolidated / Overall Progress.

Assist Client in Vendors selection for Supply of raw material, Bought out items &
Construction contractors.

We have Effective Reporting system, which highlights Problem Area which could affect
the timely completion of the project. The Reporting Structure or the Reports generated
by us provide complete information about Progress of work and also indicate tentative
completion of the project.

The Progress report normally consists of following:

  • Engineering Progress
  • Procurement Progress {Critical and Sub-Critical Items Separate}
  • Construction Progress
  • Activities complete in current month
  • Areas of Concern
  • Activities Planned to be completed in next 60 days
  • Updated Project Schedule {Every Quarterly}

In addition to the above we forecast Manpower Requirement both direct and indirect
including Supervisor based on the Quantities & Estimate project schedule. This effectively
helps in reducing the risk of delaying of the project for the want of resources like manpower.